Maxim Galkin told about the conflict with Stas Mikhailov

Максим Галкин рассказал о конфликте со Стасом Михайловым
The presenter has offended his colleague in show business.

Maxim Galkin

Maxim Galkin often makes parody of his colleagues in show business. One of them relates to the work of humorist condescending, and others, as recognized by the artist himself, can take offense to it. For example, the other day, Maxim told about the conflict with Stas Mikhailov, who was unhappy with the parody of himself.

“Stas Mikhailov — the person who is not a priori should be glad of any parody of itself. Moreover, he first came into conflict with our comic shop. So I see him once in the dressing room, it was two years ago. Stands and says: “something told me you’re some kind of **** about me singing… something about divorcees…” I say: “Yes, sang. Moreover, Stas: I again today this travesty going to do… Yes, the same. Another **** I have for You there!” — Maxim has told. Thus, Galkin says: the long haul no one is offended, because he really is good. Probably, therefore anybody from colleagues, fortunately, never came up with the idea to hire “friends” to mitigate it.

By the way, the wife of comedian — Alla is also always dissatisfied with the parody on the Maxim itself. “Naturally, when you laugh at someone it can cause irritation. If to speak about the alle — it is, firstly, always says that “this is not she.” It is generally a natural desire to deny any similarity to this grotesque. But sometimes when I have something worked out, she said, “Yes, that’s more like it!” She corrects me!” — told Maxim in show “honor with Yuri Nikolaev”.