Maxim Galkin to protect the children from harassment

Максим Галкин защитил детей от преследований TV presenter and comedian explained why no more hiding of the heirs and often shows funny videos with them in Instagram. Maxim Galkin also told that recently the paparazzi have stopped hunting for pictures of Lisa and Harry.

A few months ago, Maxim Galkin became a blogger. Presenter actively engaged in “Instagram” by posting in the popular social network videos with loved ones. In the lens of the artist are often caught his wife Alla Pugacheva and charming heirs, twins Harry and Lisa. Subscribers of comedian publications find it very funny. Recently, Galkin gave an interview in which he told about his new hobby.

In recognition of the star TV, he is now editing clips in the phone or on the computer using special programs. Galkin says that it is very important own information platform, by which to refute the rumors and to share important things. “The time has passed when it was necessary to refer to some publication,” – says the artist. Journalists, said Galkin, and led him to publish the video with the children. According to the moderator, there was a time when photographers literally chased Harry and Lisa.

“I decided to remove the children after the paparazzi, and so they showed. Last year in Jurmala they were on duty near our house, kept watch. Can’t say that it’s nice. I’m loyal to all are not run by journalists, even if not appointed them a meeting – everyone has their own bread. But how they will remove you and your child that you will write, you give them at the mercy of. I also like the idea that they haunt my children when I’m not with them when they go out with the nanny”, – said Galkin.

After the comedian made the decision to still show Lisa and Harry on the personal pages in social networks, paparazzi ceased to hunt for their pictures. According to Galkina, this summer, WLO time relaxing in Jurmala his family no one is bothered. “They simply no one will buy the material – everything can be taken from “Instagram”. For me it was vitally important,” – said the TV star.

Maxim Galkin also admitted that he did not write the script for a sketch in advance. According to the moderator, all videos is moments snatched from life, which he sincerely wants to share. Moreover, Lisa and Harry can’t even imagine what becoming the stars of “Instagram”. “They know daddy loves them sometimes to remove,” says the father of twins. In addition, Galkin told that trying to listen to the kids: every time they start to act up, parodist stops the process of working on a new video.

Maxim Galkin told about the rivalry between Harry and Lisa

During the meeting with journalists Maxim Galkin told about the reaction of his wife Alla Pugacheva to shoot video. According to the moderator, the famous singer with the fun connected to the process. The Diva is not interested in the number of likes and reposts, and even occasionally chides her husband’s fascination with social media. “She often says, “What the hell have you expose yourself? That selfie done? Not a lot of narcissism?” – said Galkin with “Medusa”.