Maxim Galkin threatened with beating over video on the web

Максиму Галкину угрожают избиением из-за ролика в Сети
Joke of the presenter may cost him dearly.

Maxim Galkin and Alexey Panin

Maxim Galkin, as they say, “got game”. The day before he received a direct threat from Alexei Panin. The actor has promised to break the TV star’s face. The reason for the aggressive behavior of Papin has become the movie Network, where Galkin laughed at Ksenia Sobchak, and along with over Alexei.

Maxim proposed to nominate Panin the role of the head of the Committee for the protection of animals and the environment, alluding to the scandal associated with attributed to Alexei zoofilicas tendencies. The actor reacted to a joke maxima is very aggressive.

“Max, you so cleverly have allocated you as you seem to subtly joking, but for some reason you forgot about me. My dear as you think, think, what place in the new government of Russia may take a homosexual who lives with an old woman? Probably a pension Fund, but Maxim? Don’t joke with me!***** you’ll get a lovely soul!” — said Alexey.

Fans are waiting for a response Galkina threats Panin. Fans are sure that Maxim in “I’m good” and will speak about the unfolding scandal.