Maxim Galkin started blockbuster with children

Максим Галкин затеял блокбастер с участием детей The comedian shared a funny video. In the video the kids jump on the trampoline and playing with his father in “the mummy and Superman”.

Maxim Galkin often shares in his Instagram shots family and a touching video featuring children. The artist loves to play with Lisa and Harry, spoiling their heirs with unexpected gifts. This time, the comedian showed a video in which the younger family members try on an unusual role.

“The low-budget blockbuster “the Mummy, Supermini and just Garik”, signed post Galkin.

During the video, Lisa says that the father will be a mummy, and he needs to catch them. She will be Supermanly. But Harry decided not to transform skazochni of heroes, that did not prevent him taking an active part in the game. And while Maxim Galkin is trying to scare his heirs vicious growl, they happily continue to jump on the trampoline.

Fans of stars have thrilled with a funny movie and expressed emotion in the comments. “The kids are gorgeous and the dad is the best dad”, “What lovely children You have, Maxim”, “Future diva and comedian, the lovely children,” wrote the fans of the artist.

Earlier Galkin has shared another touching post in his Instagram. He laid out a joint picture with Alla Pugacheva and heirs signing it with only one word – “Family”. Fans and there is not left behind, noting that his wife maxima looks amazing.

It was also evident in another frame, which recently shared a humorist. It Diva appeared in the swimsuit. The furor and the fans came to the conclusion that the prima Donna is situated in a delightful way.

Photo of Alla Pugacheva in her swimsuit blew up the Network.

The children of star parents grow very artistic, and now they have got their own army of fans. Galkin often talks about the success of Lisa and Harry in his Instagram and also posting funny posts dedicated to kids. These shots from the family archive invariably cause delight of its subscribers, gaining thousands of likes.

Recall now that the family has a rest in Jurmala, where he enjoys walks on the beach and warm weather. Galkin actively sharing videos and photos with guests. Fans are happy when they make short skits with the participation of spouses and other stars.