Максим Галкин высказался об интеллекте Аллы Пугачевой The comedian shared, how is their life with his wife. Maxim Galkin spoke to reporters about work, parenting and relationships with Alla Pugacheva. According to him, the star did so, that he became their family.

Maxim Galkin is one of the most vostrebovannyh anchors on Russian television. On the First channel are four programs with its participation. Pomimi, this comedian is traveling to concerts in Russia and acts abroad. Galkin admits that sometimes he’s very tired from this schedule, but wants his family had enough money. “When a lot of expenses, I don’t know how much money I will need in the future,” says the artist.

However, most of the holidays Galkin tries to spend with his wife, Alla Pugacheva and children Lisa and Harry. Maxim argues that some issues at home decides it elastic, but most of the things entrusted him.

“My wife is smart enough to pretend that I’m in charge,” says Maxim.

As recognized Galkin, he is always willing to do household chores. For it such efforts – it is a kind of meditation. “When we were with Alla together in an apartment in Philippovsky lane, I always washed the dishes, beach nails wife. Now we have a dishwasher, but I still love this case” – says TV presenter.

Before moving to the castle Pugacheva was offered a flat in the Last lane. She refused the property because of the name. Then she and her husband started building in the Mud. Maxim said that he managed to fall in love with the singer in the beautiful scenery of the village. Their house was one of the points of the tour route.

“Buses are filled in the center of Moscow, traveling to Zvenigorod, and there’s a lot of beautiful places. And one of the stops from our house. People go near our small grocery shop, go to our house on foot. I, sometimes, from the tower watching the procession. They are photographed. I sometimes wave my hand. I think maybe I need to somehow collude with the organizers and for some money we are going with Alla to go to the people,” the thinking Galkin.

In a family of artists lives a little orange Spitz Mary. According to Galkina, the dog loves to attack Dolly parton, when the star is in the kitchen. So the animal is begging for something tasty. But most pet gets along with their helper around the house Oksana: Marusya even sleeping with her.

Early in his career Galkin was wearing understated suits and glasses. Rumor has it that Pugachev influenced his choice of things and style.

“Before I met Alla, I’m still in something dressed. Of course, the impeccable taste, which is inherent in my wife radically changed my appearance. I’m really lazy, and the last time Alla me I bought something, the wonderful things I even with her to the store did not go, she eyes took everything, and then what did not fit, we’ve changed”, – says Maxim.

Harry and Lisa are growing very talented. Son is interested in Oceanography, and the daughter of great dancing and learning foreign languages. “I’m Alla and they have a nice personality. They are too small, they have no such perception. They focus on us, and cartoon characters,” says the artist.

When max just started to “best” the kids are very jealous of the participants of the program. Lisa and Harry are also watching, but when they see that their dad too passionate about what happen on the screen, figure out how to distract him. “They’re just loud start something of their own to tell. If you see that I’m too absorbed in the contemplation of his own program, where I am busy with other children, they begin to distract me: dad, come here, look over here!” – Maxim has told to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.