Максим Галкин показал, чем кормит детей в отпуске
The kids Lisa and Harry to become accustomed to healthy food from an early age.

All a pleasant appetite! #kids #family #lunch #Carrigaline #elizabetharden #maximally #allopecia

A post shared by Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru) on Jul 15, 2018 at 4:04am PDT

Resting on the sea with his beloved wife and children, Maxim
Galkin continues to produce in his microblog a series of holiday videos
which instantly become bestsellers in the Network. This time the showman
shared record family meal, which is less than a day gained 1.6
million likes.

Galkin showed that eating Lisa and Harry, and what
they prefer dishes with Alla. Harry was eating bulgur and persistently
invites the Pope to try yummy. “Dad, it’s so delicious! If you
tried — you would have fainted”, — categorically declares Harry, what
Maxim immediately responds, pretending to swoon. Lisa leaned on useful
barley, and in front of Alla and Maxim are the plates with no less useful soup
spinach with egg.

Members were glad that the heirs Galkina eat
so easy, tasty and healthy. Many fans expressed that commitment
to a healthy family diet appeared due to the Alla. As is known, in
the last years she actively began to monitor themselves and, consequently, that
eat. The results justify the efforts spent: singer lost weight and became

“Normal, healthy food. Barley soup and spinach
I also cooked. Very tasty”, “it’s Nice when the whole family together at the dinner table.
The Breakfast is very rich, vitamin , useful!”, “How can they not be touched! They
so cute”, “elbows on the table why?” “Salami and sausages homemade and not
shopping!” — everyone noticed and was the opinion of the users on the network.

The children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva, Lisa and Harry

Photo: Instagram