Maxim Galkin revealed the truth about the secret relationship with Philip Kirkorov

Максим Галкин раскрыл правду о тайном родстве с Филиппом Киркоровым The presenter noted that many users of social networks write about the striking similarity of his son, Harry, and the king of pop. Maxim Galkin finally explained why his successor – a copy of Philip Bedrosovich.

Fans adore four children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva. Every time a celebrity couple puts the new footage, which show Lisa and Harry, the users of social networking showered them with compliments. Some have remarked that the son of a celebrity is very similar to that of Philip Kirkorov. Funny likeness is often a subject for discussion in social networks.

Maxim Galkin resistant point in such discussions. The broadcaster recorded a video which revealed the truth about the relationship of Harry and the king of pop.

“The time has come to lift the curtain of secrecy, to dust off the family archives, to ventilate the attic of memories to close the hung window, suspicion… what was I saying? But, to your attention the heading “minutes instany”, – intrigued the comedian.

Your video Galkin was accompanied by a large number of hashtags – “Blood is thicker than water”, “the king of Pop genes”, “There are more berries in a pop-locker, Color mood yellow – nothing ate gooseberries”, “mood Color brown – Zhirik shouted: “You fool,” “mood Color white – what am I plump,” “Stop shuffling” and “Philip of DNA stuck”.

In the short video Maxim showed the audience their baby pictures where he looks like a copy of Harry. According to star TV, it says only one thing – that he is the son of Philip Kirkorov. Therefore, the charming Harry is the grandson of national artist.

In the final Galkin reminded the fans about the incident during an interview with Philip Kirkorov. Then the king of pop rose from his seat and asked those who were behind the scenes, not to make noise. When dealing with outsiders, a man used foul language.”And there can be quiet, huh?” cried Galkin, away from the frame.

Social media users were delighted with the new funny video parodist and thanked him for his work. “Maxim, if you are the son of Philip, you are the best of his creation. And Bedros Kirkorov know? Treat the old man this news”, “the father took the girl”, “Scandals, intrigues, investigation”, “You have only to sing together, to leave no doubt in the investigative and kinship”, “the New Sherlock. Waiting for other sensations”, “All the children of Russia need to do DNA,” – commented on the Internet.