Максим Галкин готовится к знакомству с ухажерами дочери Star the father of twins worried about the fate of the successor. Maxim Galkin already preparing myself for conversations with future Boyfriends of Lisa. This perspective is not particularly happy humorist.

Maxim Galkin regularly records videos with the participation of the kids. Fans come to the delight of touching episodes from the life of the twins, Harry and Lisa. In the last movie, the artist has caught the daughter in an adult class. The footage shows a girl paints her lips, asks his father to help to clasp the earring and confer privately with his mother Alla.

“Oh, these girls! Feel after a certain number of years, I as a father have a serious conversation with them. I now theoretically not very happy”, – shared with subscribers of the artist.

The star father really feared for the future of the successor. Daughter is already thinking about the wedding, although recently noted the four years.

“And what have you got in your hand?” – interested in Maxim. “Just the bouquet! As the bride!” – says Lisa.

We will remind, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin four years ago became the parents of adorable kids Gary and Lisa. During this time the daughter and son of the famous parents have become real stars. Movies with their participation are gaining hundreds of thousands of views from users of the Network.

The diva and her husband no longer hide children from journalists and the public almost immediately after the babies celebrated their second birthday. Up to this point star parents tried not to involve their children undivided attention.

Alla Pugacheva dedicates posts to Instagram success by younger children. For example, Harry and Lisa gave my mom a gift made with your own hands. Brother and sister has made her happy moulded from clay figurines of flower and tree. The kids have managed to impress parents and fans of creative success.

“Both music. Lisa is a good dancer. They have baby Grand pianos, which like to portray the game. And when Alla was performed at the “New wave”, we watched her number on TV. Lisa even sang the mother, and in the end everyone loudly applauded,” said the actor told reporters.

The last day of the birth of the heirs of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin was celebrated in a big way. Celebrity guests arrived for a holiday to kids, fans wrote thousands of messages of congratulations and well-known dad posted a video with their emotions the next day after the celebration.

Pugacheva and Galkin have arranged a Grand celebration for Lisa and Harry

“Garik Lisa was in her birthday absolutely happy! Share with You, dear subscribers, videoseroticos this happiness!” – said Galkin Network users.