Maxim Galkin met his future wife in three years

Максим Галкин познакомился с будущей женой в три года TV presenter has published a rare photo in which his parents were sealed in the supper with Alla Pugacheva in the distant 1979. What should be the logical conclusion – Maxim Galkin met his future wife when he was three years old.
Максим Галкин познакомился с будущей женой в три года

For anybody not a secret that the age difference of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin for 27 years. According to the official version of the history of their relationship, the first meeting of the future spouses occurred in 2001 at “Slavianski Bazaar” in Vitebsk. Bright young parodist and the TV presenter Galkin Diva presented then-husband Phillip Kirkorov. Alla looked at the solo concert of the artist and almost immediately recorded a duet with him the song that became a huge hit “Be or not be”.

However? as it turned out, Pugacheva Galkin knew long before the fateful meeting in Belarus. Maxim has published in his Instagram photo, made in the GDR in 1979, it depicts Alla and the parents of her future husband. Maxim Galkin at the time was only three years old.

“The photobomb from the past! 1979. GDR. My parents at dinner with Alla”, – signed photo of Maxime.
Максим Галкин познакомился с будущей женой в три года

The post Maxim reacted instantly, so to speak, the predecessor of the ex – husband of his current wife, and now a close friend of the family, Philip. The king of pop just in case asked, where this time he was Maxim. What Galkin quite logical joked: “Under the table, I three years.”

Максим Галкин познакомился с будущей женой в три года

Subscribers photobomb liked. In less than an hour, the picture won 40 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. Some believed and counted how many years in the photo Hello, was wondering where this moment was Maxim, the other virtual applauded the sense of humor Kirkorov, but the majority still said how beautiful they were at Maxim’s parents.

“Maxim, you really resemble her mother. It’s good that your parents were familiar with your future wife,” “did they Think then that Allah would be the mother of their grandchildren!” “Wow! How interesting. They could not dream that this is their daughter-in-law! The photobomb by far,” wrote the subscribers to Maxim.

By the way, Pugacheva although he was fascinated by the talent of Maxim at the first meeting in 2001, then did not think about something more than creative tandem. However, she said the Diva some time later. And she meant it when photographers made their first joint picture: “go ahead and shoot me with a new passion!” With the “new girlfriend” is more than serious – in 2011 Pugacheva and Galkin officially married, last year the couple were married, they grow up twins Harry and Lisa, who this year will celebrate its fifth birthday.