Maxim Galkin is preparing a family member to serve in the army

Максим Галкин готовит родственника к службе в армии The comedian decided to support his nephew. The celebrity shared with subscribers of the video, which captured the young man, taking the oath. Fans appreciated the efforts of uncle, and wished the young soldier success.

      Maxim Galkin tries to maintain good relations with all family members. He rarely puts in his pictures or videos, which netizens could see his relatives. But this time, the artist could not hide the pride in his nephew and shared the video with a young man on the social network page.

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      Presented frames brother’s son Nikita Galkin read out the oath before the military service. Judging by the video, the guy was very nervous, because he knew what responsibility was entrusted to him in this moment. Moreover, it came to support his uncle who was not afraid to draw attention to themselves and tried to capture the cousin with the most favorable angle.

      Once the star published the Network, the commentators started to make him compliments, claiming that he is in great shape and he could easily take the oath and to cope with all the hardships of army life. Most of the followers noted that they are pleased by the fact that Maxim maintains good relations with Nikita and is present at such important events.

      Subscribers Galkina expressed the hope that the young man will carry out his responsibilities like a man for whom family will not be ashamed.

      “Well done, still! Keep it up, success, Nikita”, “His army quickly life will teach! Experience will get very good”, “You did the right thing went with the boy. He needed your support”, “still great that uncle was around at a time like this. And even managed to shoot”, – expressed the opinion followers in Instagram.

      After discovering the video, the commentators started to figure out where geographically is Nikita, and in what part of him could send. One of the users expressed a strong belief that the guy is in a special training center. “This Ostrogozhsk in the Voronezh region, part 20155. This educational training center for Junior professionals tank-automotive services. Today was their oath. I have a son there is six months,” wrote one podistica. Someone began to confirm these words, reminding others that the family Galkynysh all served in the armored forces, so there is nothing surprising in this.

      Also among the commentators, there were also those who personally attended the event. They reported that originally the oath was planning to do in a proprietary format, but soon relatives and friends were allowed to attend at such a crucial moment.