Максим Галкин вмешался в конфликт Земфиры с кумирами молодежи Showman in a joking manner commented on Zemfira, who did not like not only the creativity of Buckwheat and Moniecki, but also the appearance of the girls. Maxim Galkin has compared the lyrics of the legendary singer and aspiring artists.

Last week Zemfira became the instigator of a major scandal – 41-year-old singer bluntly expressed his opinion on the young performers Buckwheat and Monetki. The artist did not like the idols of youth because of their unpleasant, in her view, votes.

“Will Express an opinion. Buckwheat – very bad. Horrible voice and looks. Is difficult to perceive – not able to sing, the lyrics are not convinced, well, very ugly. Monetochka – great lyrics! Looks fine unlike the Buckwheat, but the voice is hideous, the vocal timbre of the same tool, if it is pleasant, you can sing nonsense” – said Ramazanov.

Then a split into two camps. Not remained aloof and Maxim Galkin. The comedian in his usual joking manner commented on the loud conflict performers.

“Zemfira, whose asterisk came 20 years ago with the song “you’ve got AIDS, and then we will die”, spoke about the work of the singer of Buckwheat, who became famous in the new era song with the words “Mom, I’m sorry, I just want to thump”. Zemfira said that the texts of Buckwheat don’t convince, and it is ugly. But Monetochka a great lyricist, but she has a disgusting voice. Thanks to Zemfira we met some new talents who surely feel the same way”, – said Galkin.

Buckwheat itself has signaled that it will not hurt to Zemfira and her criticism. She was thanked for her opinion and said that he respects the artist as a person.

Buckwheat and Monetochka became known on the Internet, and now sometimes appear on TV. Idols were even invited to show “Evening Urgant”, where they were able to demonstrate their musical abilities.

“One is ugly, the second one is disgusting voice”: Zemfira criticized modern idols

In his video blog Maxim Galkin also not ignored and the new product from the masters of Russian pop – Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov, who recently premiered the song “Ibiza”. “Singer Kirkorov post revival with the song “mood Color blue, inside, Martini, and in the hands of the bikini” in a duet with an Opera singer Baskov, who shined in a Big Lensky, recorded the song “Ibiza – and the heart beat became more often.” These lines will pave the right path to the heart of every music lover”, – said Galkin.