Maxim Galkin has tried himself in the role of a rapper

Максим Галкин попробовал себя в роли рэпера In the Internet appeared the announcement of the program, which this Saturday will be on the air with new presenters. Yulia Menshova and Maxim Galkin will replace Andrei Malakhov, who has long been engaged in the project.

Recently on the First channel there have been many permutations. In the Network actively discussed the withdrawal of the lead and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov. It soon became known that he has worked on, will remain in the grid, but with new faces. A few days ago announced that Saturday’s “Tonight” will lead Maxim Galkin. His partner in the frame will be Yulia Menshova, who had recently announced the completion of the project “Alone with all”, which, according to her, has outlived its usefulness.

The first edition of “Tonight” will air this Saturday and will be dedicated to the show “the Voice”. Today Galkin has published in his Instagram from the program. “Tomorrow. Don’t miss it”, – he signed the publication.

Judging by the video, the shoot was fun. In the Studio joked, as presenters, and guests. And the popular rapper, Busta even participated in an impromptu battle with Galkin. However, instead of the usual for this genre of abuse in the lead flew compliments.

“Your Union with Donna is great, but you’re a man. Maxim Galkin, you’re not Maxim Alkin!”, – read Vasily Vakulenko.

The presenter did not remain in debt and praised the contractor in response. To evaluate the performances had a stellar jury. In the Studio the participants and jury members from different seasons of the show “the Voice”, among whom was Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin and Grigory Leps. They took a rap battle with humour and applauded the stars.

Fans of the talk show was pleased with the creative approach of a new host.

“Want to see”, “it is Felt that all will be well, thanks to your participation!”, “We are waiting enchanting already, ease, fun, and felt everything from shooting get a thrill,” “Oh, laughed to tears over the scraps with Basta,” commented they publish to the microblog artist.

By the way, in addition to new projects Andrey Malakhov at the channel “Russia-1” the audience also followed with great interest. Many believe that they were sincere. Now appears in the leading daily talk show on weekdays, and the Saturday program. First gear “Andrey Malakhov. Live” caused a real stir. There appeared Boris korchevnikov, who spoke about his career on television. It has gathered many celebrities to support Malakhov to a new job. A special guest was his wife Natalia shkuleva.

The first issue of “Live” with Malakhov became a subject №1 in the Network