Максим Галкин опубликовал «фотобомбу» из прошлого
The presenter showed a picture of Alla Pugacheva and his parents.

Photo: Instagram

When Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva began to meet, everyone is “dug up” about the fact that the parents of comedian and Diva at the time communicated. Alexander and Natalia G. Pugacheva Galkin was not much older than Alla.

In 1979 father Galkina family went to live in East Germany, where the tour came Joe. That’s where they met. And there are photos to prove it! According to the official version of Maxim and Alla introduced the book, but in fact they saw each other before. On this photo, which was published Galkin in his personal blog, he, three years, is also present under the table!

Fans of the star couple did not fail to make a joke, like, that’s when Maxim and chose his future wife — for the legs!

Philip, who also saw in frend-tape of this masterpiece, too “were noted” in the comments.

“Alla is so hot here!” — he wrote.

Anyway, Pugachev was told that to meet with Maxim, they began in 2001. In 2005, moved in together, and at the end of 2011, all of a sudden got married. 18 Sep 2013 with the help of a surrogate mother, came to light their children — twins Lisa and Harry. And last year, Galkin and Pugacheva was married to the delight of his friends and fans. That kind of love, a lifetime. Life Maxim Galkin.