Maxim Galkin has published a photo of Alla Pugacheva in swimsuit

Максим Галкин опубликовал фотографию Аллы Пугачевой в купальнике
The immediately “blew up” the Network.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: Instagram

Maxim Galkin has pleased fans of Alla Pugacheva,
posting a photo of the couple in swimsuit. “Favorite tans, signed photograph
anchorman. — Removed stealth, Alla doesn’t like to be photographed”.

If fans would see the singer personally, they would
applauded, and the Internet was limited to “likes” and numerous
biased comments. “Oh my God!
Beautiful! What legs! How is she prettier, thinner!” — in different ways wrote

By the way, Alla, proud of his Transfiguration, the
at least, does not lose its inherent sparkling sense of humor. So, the next question: “How did she manage to reach forms
which envy and twenty-year-old star has published incredibly fun
the video, which revealed the secret of her phenomenal weight loss. It happened on holiday in Latvia, where now
the singer is resting with his family and close friend Laima Vaikule. Lime and Alla have fun posting

One of them Alla and says what diet is most
effective. It turns out that the whole mystery lies… in sour cream, which is necessary
be sure to “sit”! At the end of the movie Pugachev demonstrated
the consequences of such mono. The sense of humor of the singer was appreciated
colleagues of the actress and fans.