Максим Галкин сделал сенсационное признание о жизни с Аллой Пугачевой
The showman and the TV presenter had revealed family secrets.

Maxim Galkin, Alla Pugacheva with the children Lisa and Harry

41-year-old Maxim Galkin in an interview with radio “Komsomolskaya
Pravda” told about parenting and family life with Alla Pugacheva. According to
the presenter, Donna always does so that he felt
a real man.

“My wife is smart enough to do
look, I’m in charge”, — said Galkin. He also tries to help her with
household chores, despite his busy schedule: “When we lived with
Alla alone in the apartment, I always wash the dishes, beach nails wife. Now
we have a dishwasher, but I still love this thing”.

Maxim admitted that he is very thankful to Alla
Borisovna for her ability to create home comfort and to follow the style of Maxim. At
to him, Pugacheva impeccable taste: “Before in my life appeared
Alla, I’m still in something dressed. Of course, the impeccable taste, which
inherent to my wife, radically changed my appearance. I’m really lazy, and
the last time Alla me I bought something, the wonderful things I did
her shop would not go.”