Maxim Galkin has impressed the coaches show “the Voice”

Максим Галкин поразил наставников шоу «Голос» Showman participated in the blind audition, singing for three. Maxim Galkin lit on the stage, performing tertset from Mozart’s Opera “the Magic flute”, which is sung in three voices. His seat to the singer first launched Polina Gagarina, sensing that behind her some of the famous people.

      The first weekend of September on the First channel started the fifth season of the popular project “the Voice”, which is the same as the previous one, full of surprises for viewers and the mentors of the show.

      This Friday at the blind audition was attended by famous showman and parodist Maxim Galkin. For speech, he chose an incredibly difficult passage from the Opera of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “the Magic flute”, which is sung by three singers – two men and a woman. Galkin was singing bass, tenor and soprano at the same time and also in German.

      Mentors, however, once realized that at the stage of one person, not three. However the first realized that behind them not just a professional, a celebrity, Polina Gagarina. “This Is Maxim Galkin!”, she exclaimed and spun the chair. The delight of Pauline was not the limit. After Gagarina pressed the red button and Dima Bilan.

      But when the singer completed her enchanting speech, tearing applause from the audience, the chairs unfolded to him and the others.

      “Well to tell us about yourself? – continuing the drawing began to speak to Maxim Galkin. – I’m from the suburbs, from the village, my wife also sings. She sent me to the show “the Voice.”

      A joke appreciated by the audience in the hall and again heard a loud applause and laughter. The showman thanked him, turning to mentors, ironically noting that Leonid Agutin he didn’t expect, and Grigory Leps, and rarely deploys his seat.

      “Young man, music is not yours, it Leps. But nevertheless, you are amazingly talented person! To sing for three, Yes, in German…”

      Allowing himself a couple more fun Reprise, Maxim Galkin wished the show “the Voice” and his mentors good luck and went away.

      It should be noted that in the fifth season of “the Voice” there was a change in the composition of the jury. In addition to Leonid Agutin, with the participants of the show are Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina and Grigory Leps, who was persuaded to stay on the project. For “Voices”: the sacrificed teachers, to be on the project

      According to the mentors, each of them had carefully approach the preparation of schedules for the coming months. “I had to correct something to change that,” said the “StarHit” Leonid Agutin. Grigory Leps is planning to combine participation in “the Voice” tour – in the first month of autumn, he will perform in nine cities”.