Максим Галкин дал новое интервью, в котором поделился о секретах счастливой семейной жизни

Максим Галкин дал новое интервью, в котором поделился о секретах счастливой семейной жизни

43-year-old humorist Maxim Galkin was a guest in the new edition of “A chat”. In conversation with TV presenter Irina Shikhman became aware of the relationship between Maxim and Alla, surrogacy, and political mood of the humorist. In an interview with Maxim spoke on the topic of why Russia has so many bogus marriages, but also about what he thinks about the rumors about his homosexual.

At the moment Maxim refuses performances in the hot spots, because he feels a great responsibility to their children. Due to the fact that the age difference with Alla is quite big, Galkin have a slight fear of Harry and Lisa. So the actor does not hide that he tries more to be safe, to be able to often be with children. Age Alla they are in the family do not hide and prepare children for life situations that can happen.

Maxim admitted that Pugachev deliberately spends almost all his time with children because he wants to give them as much as possible, lay them the correct manners and behavior. Galkin called her a very responsible mother, which is hard to find.

Максим Галкин дал новое интервью, в котором поделился о секретах счастливой семейной жизни

The artist also admitted that before the meeting with Alla he was in the shower very old grandfather, and she’s insanely emotional and young. He is convinced that the singer much easier it is on the rise and making important decisions. When they decided to get married, Alla asked if her quietly to grow old? And Maxim said Yes. He will always be there, will never change and will not betray.

The comedian also shared the secret of their harmonious relations. It turns out that to him, Pugachev never got a real family, life and relationships. It was important for her to tread into the territory of the husband that the singer was brought to the house, which was not earned by their own efforts. She often thanked Galkina for it. In this house Pugacheva does nothing except what she likes. She doesn’t know how much it costs, where to go in case of what, she always do everything.

Kids offered the first Alla, Maxim at that time was not ready and did not think about it ever. Morally, the singer was preparing to become a grandmother for their children, but it turned out to be a great mom, the best, according to Maxim. She gives a lot and knows a lot. Comedian she studied the relationship with children, how to talk to them and communicate.

Galkin confessed that he is very hot-tempered personality, although at first glance did not say. However, she always makes him feel calm, so the kids never heard the rising tone in his address, they never saw a showdown between the parents. Therefore, according to the stars, Harry and Lisa are the most happy and cheerful.

That Maxim and Alla will become parents only knew Christina Aguilera, brother Galkina and doctors. After the children have taken home from the hospital, the celebrity couple invited friends and told about the joyous event. Everyone was in shock and couldn’t say.

Surrogate motherhood Maxim applies to with great respect. For the mother of their children was most comfortable conditions. She stopped herself, but the woman paid a good amount of money so she does not know whom to bear children. Maxim is very pleased with this person, calling her crazy responsible.

Galkin admits that he became a father at the age of 37 and this is the best age for fatherhood, because conscious. In 20-25 years there is no feeling, at 37, he realized that it does not matter around you is a pregnant woman or not, the main health of babies.

About his homosexuality he doesn’t know what to say. He says that such rumors accompany him throughout his life. Star suggests that to blame the tone with which he speaks, the high intelligence. However, he never gave me reason to about it said so, no dirt or no evidence, nothing but letters and rumors.

Galkin told about the joke about Putin. He assured that I have no limits. While he can joke about the existing power, while he works. As soon as it will come from the top, his concerts will stop. He sure needs to entertain people the truth, even though she sometimes is very bitter. Even when he speaks to by Vladimir Putin, no one asks to see the script in advance or to rewrite the joke.

Maxim admitted that he was always a Democrat and always voted for the democratic party. Every year boyish about where you can lead your country with the help of publicity, he lost. To tell people what is to blame for the power he wants, because he doesn’t have a recipe of how to fix it.

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