Maxim Galkin gave an assessment of the behavior of Olga Buzova on MUZ-TV

Максим Галкин дал оценку поведению Ольги Бузовой на премии МУЗ-ТВ Showman dedicated to the singer a poem. Maxim Galkin has recorded a video message to Olga Buzova, after reading in French a creation of the poet Charles Baudelaire, written in the nineteenth century.

On the eve of the capital’s “Olympic” was held the jubilee prize of the TV channel MUZ-TV, 15-I account.

Biggest music festival turned into a huge disappointment for one of the nominees – Olga Buzova. Recorded over the short period of six hits, the singer has been nominated for the award “Breakthrough of the year” and seriously expect to get a cherished plate. But alas. Fortuna was not on the side of Olga Buzova. The award was received by singer Jay Khalib. Olga could not restrain his emotions and began to cry. The girl rushed to comfort her friend Ksenia Borodina and Irina Dubtsova. Then Buzova with the microphone was approached by one of the leading award Maxim Galkin, ask how she feels, what only added fuel to the fire. Olga stated that her presence here is already a victory, and again began to sob. MUZ-TV 2017: battle of the outfits, “stomach” Sobchak and tears Buzova

Showman felt it my duty to support the nominee was upset on Saturday morning and turned to her with a video message and posted it in the microblog.

“Filled with emotion after yesterday’s MUZ-TV, now at 7.30 am, I turn to the millions of fans of Olga Buzova words of French classics”, – said Maxim Galkin.

And then in a wonderful French read a poem of poet-symbolists of the nineteenth century, Charles Baudelaire’s “the Albatross”:

“To play in the wandering, dull,
Gliding over the depths of the seas, where the bitterness of tears,
Sailors caught wide winged sea birds,
Their eternal companions, whose name is Albatross.

Then, on the deck sprawled shamefully,
Blue proud king two white wing
Drags helplessly, awkwardly and submissively,
It’s like a huge broke two oars.

How miserable are you now, stranger elated!
Beautiful – a moment ago, you’re filthy and funny!
He sticks his shank in your beak bloodied;
Another amused the crowd: like you, he limps.

The poet, here is your image!.. you’re the king of the clouds;
Laughing over the rainbow, Bure you call send! –
Proterty on the ground, booed by jesters,
You their gigantic wings don’t deploy!

Olga, this is about you, with all respect,” – said Maxim Galkin.

Video showman literally blew up the Internet. In a short time under him was left a few hundred comments. However, not all fans of Olga Buzova correctly understood the idea of Maxim Galkin. “I did not expect from Maxim! I thought he was above that. Incidentally, over any of the showbiz you can kiss my ass”, “Instead of helping hands – banter. Not fitting, Oh so fitting… Not a fan of Buzova, but the girl done good” – expressed some subscribers.

Others did not bother to find Russian version of the poem of Baudelaire and, after reading it, came to opposite conclusions on the statement of Maxim Galkin.

“People, why are you lashed out on Maxim?! You first find the translation, and then make conclusions. This poem about the Albatross and the sailors who caught it and scoffed. But still, this bird is by nature strong. Read and understand the meaning”, “Maxim, you have one fan more!”, “Well Done, Max! You are a caring person and said their opinion!” comment video Galkina of his followers.