Maxim Galkin became a victim of fraud

Максим Галкин стал жертвой мошенников The actor appealed to the Israeli producer, so he took appropriate measures. Galkin was announced among the participants of the Christmas program, which was planned on Board the ship, cruising in the Mediterranean. However, the humorist was not aware of such proposals. Now the speculators filed.
Максим Галкин стал жертвой мошенников

A few weeks ago, a local company opened the sale of tickets for New year celebration on the ship with the participation of Russian celebrities. “Mark the occasion together with the celebrity on a cruise ship! From 26 November ticket prices will rise!” – read the advertisement on the main page of the site. The highlight of the program and its presenter was the declared Maxim Galkin tour which are regularly held in Israel. Cruise tickets cost from 15 thousand roubles. All anything, but as it turned out, the showman is not aware of the fact that new year’s night he will spend on Board of the ship in the Mediterranean sea. Learning about speculation on the name of the comedian asked his Israeli producer Seeds of the Mogilyov to take action against the fraudsters.

“This is a big Scam with the purpose of cheating, taking money and harming the reputation of the artists on this event do not know, – said, “StarHit” Mogilevsky. Maxime is outraged by their actions. We went to the police and now the case is in Department on struggle against economic crimes “Lahav”. Also, the police closed all the pages of the organizers of this event in social networks, their website. And in local news allowed announcements to people who bought tickets to come to the station in tel Aviv to make a claim and subsequent return of the money.”

In addition, the program of the evening, by the way, was the stated and other Russian stars – Ani Lorak, “Ivanushki”, “Hands Up!”. As Galkin, they, too, were unaware of their participation in the event. Representatives of the company Gp project from Israel reviews “StarHit” refused.