Maxim Galkin “beat” Andrey Malakhov and put viewers in place

Максим Галкин «побил» Андрея Малахова и поставил телезрителей на место
The TV host is proud to work in the new project.

Максим Галкин «побил» Андрея Малахова и поставил телезрителей на место

Maxim Galkin with the participants of the first edition of the show “Stars under hypnosis”

Photo: @Instagram maxgalkinru Maxim Galkin

Last weekend saw the premiere of the show “Stars under hypnosis” with Maxim Galkin. The emergence of a new project on the First channel was accompanied by a scandal. Stanislav Sadalsky in the nines criticized the program as a whole, and the rest. He appealed to Konstantin Ernst “remove” Galkina from the ether. Many viewers supported the proposal Sadalsky.

The continuation of the scandal: Galkin responded to the accusations Sadalsky

As a response to this attack Maxim? The presenter hinted that Sadalsky for a long time “sharpening his teeth” and uses every opportunity to harm his reputation. Galkin said, they say, has long been understood that simply “not liking” the honored artist. And late last night he posted in his poll numbers, which put an end to the unfolding scandal.

“Stars under hypnosis” became the most rating program of the output among all channels. Yes!”— wrote in a Network Galkin. So, without false modesty, Maxim put in place the viewers criticizing his work, and at the same time Sadalsky. By the way, the most attentive readers of the blog host drew attention to the fact that this publication is about programs of the day all channels, and therefore, Galkin last weekend beat its longtime rival Andrey Malakhov with his own show, “Hello, Andrew!”.