Maxim Galkin almost quarreling with Anastasia Volochkova in his own show

Максим Галкин едва не поскандалил с Анастасией Волочковой в своем авторском шоу

Maxim Galkin continues to work on his show in an effort to make it more interesting for the viewer.

To attract the attention of the audience Galkin tries different ways. For example, inviting some stars of show business to become his colleague leading one of the air.

An extreme edition of the show “Maximmaxim” was recorded with the assistance of Anastasia Volochkova. In the end, all ended well. But the record of ether was nearly derailed because of a scandal that nearly didn’t happen.

The reason for the disagreement was the leading request of Maxim turned to Anastasia to do her famous splits. Making it clear to the colleague that the program Anastasia chose the wrong dress, Galkin decided to demonstrate on the big screen a few photos taken from Facebook of a ballerina.

But Volochkova left this decision are not satisfied. Seeing myself not in the best light, the actress took offense to the presenter, saying that she has good pictures in normal clothes, and if he asked, she would have provided them.

On the set almost was a scandal, the situation was saved by sense of humor Galkina,who was able to cover up the embarrassment.