Максим Фадеев шокировал подробностями клинической смерти The producer has experienced terrible moments. Maxim Fadeev told about what happened to him during heart surgery. Figure of show business, believes that his soul has moved in space.

      Many people have turned out at least once between life and death. Some even remember what happened to them in this state. In medicine, this term is called clinical death. This is the experience endured by Maxim Fadeev.

      At the age of 17 years a well-known producer had a serious operation on the heart. In the course of surgical intervention in young men happened clinical death. Fortunately, everything went well and the doctors were able to save Maxim’s life. However, the most difficult time he remembers still.

      “I felt that I became light as a speck of dust. And could move freely in a second at any point about which to think. My father told me about the old Jewish cemetery in France where his relatives, and he wanted to go there. But the Soviet Union was, and it could only be a dream. I thought about this story, and found myself there… I forgot everything and found one person with that name. When I woke up, everything was behind. And the doctors gave me my life back” – said Fadeev.

      It turned out that this is only the beginning of the story, which eventually made the producer think about whether there is life after death. After surgery, it took 20 years. Maxim at that time lived in Prague. To him visited by his father and offered to visit the the Jewish cemetery in Paris.

      “Off we went. But the shock for me was that I was guided in the city, if you know it by heart… And to bits without a clue and navigation I brought father to the place, and not just to the place, and brought him to the place where lay the namesake. But the first time I was in Paris, and certainly, could not know where this cemetery. And only then did I realize that the “speck of dust” – it was not a dream, it was me”, – said Fadeev.

      It is worth noting that fans of stars this story touched the very depths of the soul. Many of them confessed that during the reading they felt goosebumps. Someone remembered that he himself or his close relatives also had a near-death experience.

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      “Impressive”, “I know only one thing, that I know nothing”, “Great! Another confirmation that there is life after life”, “No words. Only emotions,” “Maxim, take care of yourself! Good day to you on a long summer” – supported favorite producer followers in Instagram.

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