Maxim Fadeev turned to Linda with a job offer

Максим Фадеев обратился к Линде с предложением о работе After 21 years after the premiere of the album “the Crow” producer remembered the past and made a public statement. Maxim Fadeev reported that not away again to collaborate with the singer. Figure of show business noted that he had positive memories about Linda.

Producer Maxim Fadeev, who founded the success of singer Linda, made no secret of his warm attitude. However, colleagues in the show business do not communicate for several years. Somehow Fadeev even asked the soloist SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina to approach the artist and tell them what he is willing to work with it. However, according to the man, the party did not go on contact.

Monday, December 4, Fadeev remembered an important date. As it turned out, on this day, exactly 21 years ago, the premiere of the album Linda’s “the Raven.” The producer said that he had this special relationship.

“For me this is one of the most amazing times of my life. I about the time of working on this record. “Crow” is a lot of magical and strange occurrences, which I will discuss later in the book,” he shared.

In his publication, Maxim Fadeev has also decided to contact a famous singer. The producer said he’d like more time to work with Linda. According to the figure in show business, the days when he cooperated with the artist, has left him very warm memories. Fadeev suggested that Linda get together to please fans of the new album.

“Remember the time, as it was. As it was for real. We were in the Studio, laughed and written. It was the combination of music, desires, feelings. Much in life has changed. We are different, – said Fadeev to the singer. But I’m still with trembling heart I remember that time. Let’s make a record for our fans. One. In the same sound. With the same intonation. With a similar energy. Let’s make the audience another gift. Anyway, I’d like that”.

In addition, Fadeev asked social media users if they want to see the result of his collaboration with Linda. The producer also wondered what memories from his followers linked the album “the Raven”.

Earlier the figure of show-business has appealed publicly to Linda. This happened once in August, the artist came under the wheels of a truck. The car was hit by the singer, which moves at a pedestrian crossing together with my niece. In the result, Linda and her cousin was urgently hospitalized. “I sincerely wish recovery! If you want my help, just call”, – Fadeev wrote in his microblog.

Singer Linda got hit by a truck in the center of Moscow

Recall that Linda has stopped cooperation with a famous producer after the song “white on White” recorded in late 1999. It was the last joint work of Fadeev and Actresses.