Maxim Fadeev told the name of the new soloist of the group Serebro

Максим Фадеев назвал имя новой солистки группы Serebro

As promised yesterday, music producer Maxim Fadeev chose the girl who will replace Daria Shashina in the post of a member of the group Serebro.

In place of the blonde beauties came no less attractive girl – 22-year-old dancer Katya Kischuk.

As noted in the press release on this event, Katherine has a good voice, artistry, she is beautiful (even perfect for the band) the shape, also a professional dancer.

As noted by Maxim Fadeev on the TV channel LifeNews, Kate knows English, and is also a two-time champion in hip hop dance.

This is a clear victory, 100%. And for us it is very important that the audience chosen together with us,” said the producer

It should be noted that the casting was really crazy, because to the vacant seat claimed more than 60 thousand people.

Those girls who still not got into the group, Fadeev suggested not to despair, because he is preparing a new project, which will involve 4 of the soloist. “Can some of them to calm down, we’re going to do a new band with four female participants. So don’t worry those who didn’t win,” said Maxim.

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