Maxim Fadeev told the name of the new soloist of the group SEREBRO

Максим Фадеев назвал имя новой солистки группы SEREBRO It was 19-year-old Tatyana Morgunova. A few weeks was cast in the popular group. Today, Maxim Fadeev summed up and shared the news with followers.

Today it became known the name of the new member of the group SEREBRO. Producer women’s team announced to fans, who of the three finalists will make the company Seryabkina Olga and Kate Kischuk.

“This is the part of SEREBRO 2018. Today we are closing the audition for SEREBRO. The new soloist of the group was Tatiana Morgunova. I congratulate you, girl! Welcome to the family. And this is a new profile of Tanya, you can subscribe so you never miss anything interesting. And there will be many interesting, we promise! And I have more important information. Until the end of 2017, the group remains Polina. And it will continue to delight for all concerts,” said the producer.

“StarHit” contacted the official representative of Maxim Fadeev.

“We chose the new girl, who will be joining us in 2018. Pauline to the end of this year will be with us in the group. We gave the opportunity for fans to say goodbye to her. Tanya during this time, start training, studying the repertoire of the group. She’s only 19 years old, Olga Katya for her great attitude. Tanya has gone through several tests, the whole team followed her. While she was still very young, especially, she is. When Tanya found out the results, once called parents, those, of course, was delighted for his daughter, – said Olga Rogova PR-Director of MALFA.

According to Horn, the other two participants of the casting, not the last group, of course, upset, but in such a short time, the girls gained experience and gained new fans. Olga said that Seryabkina and Kischuk closely followed by all the participants of casting for the group. Some of the testing for new participating girls came up with themselves.

Start up admirers SEREBRO wrote hundreds of positive reviews. Fans congratulated Fadeeva with replenishment in a musical family producer.