Maxim Fadeev stood up for the ex-member of “House-2”

Максим Фадеев вступился за экс-участника «Дома-2» The producer spoke about the cooperation with Oleg Miami, who once searched for my love on telestroke. Maxim Fadeev believes the young man is very talented and promising artist. He also said that he was surprised by the disabled young man.
Максим Фадеев вступился за экс-участника «Дома-2»

Producer Maxim Fadeev recently gave an interview to Yuri Dude that started his own YouTube channel. During a Frank conversation with the journalist figure in show business told me about the artists of the center PCMP, songwriting, and attitude towards rap music.

Speaking with renowned producer, Yuri Dude touched his cooperation with Oleg Miami, once participating in telestroke. “How did you meet him?” – asked the reporter.

“Accidentally saw the TV project “Dom-2” and saw the bad boy sings and dances lezginka. I thought, “What a strange combination”. Then he said, “Get me this guy, I want to talk to him,” – said Fadeev.

According to Duda, creativity is Miami different from the other artists of the producer center Fadeeva. Chief editor of the popular sports portal and asked the worker of show business the reason why this is happening.

“I understand that he has some background with the “House-2″. I purposely went to his concert, it was in Krasnodar… I was impressed to see how it works. It was a feeling that this is his last concert, and after the speech, he will go to slaughter. Oleg gives so I’m just amazed. He’s a very talented guy,” said Fadeev.

In his turn, the Dude said that the songs of Oleg’s hard to call “good pop music”. “He’s just another… let’s you and I talk about it a year and a half. And we’ll see what kind he will be,” said the Fadeev for his ward. Then, the journalist quoted strings hit Miami under the name “Baby”. Yuri made it clear that he believes blew up the charts the song is too frivolous and simple. “This is a very easy, naive, special, this text,” explained the producer.

In addition, during the meeting with Yuri Dude Maxim Fadeev told about his liking for rap music. The producer tries to keep up with the times and listening to the works of popular youth performers, including Oxymoron, Kryptonite, Husky and T-Fest. In recognition Fadeeva, he likes the band “Mushrooms”, whose song “Melts the ice” blew up in his time on the Internet. “This is a good produced pop, which was well done,” commented the figure of show-business.

“Between us melts the ice”: as the star contracted fashion, “Mushrooms”

However, the producer does not share the General enthusiasm about the activities of Oxymoron. Fadeev believes that the talented rapper has one serious drawback. “On “Versus” Oxy handsome, but on stage not. Because much clever. But if you want to do, write a book. And he uses such phrases that even I, an educated man, climb somewhere and look”, – says the man.