Maxim Fadeev spoke about drastic changes in the band SEREBRO

Максим Фадеев высказался о кардинальных переменах в группе SEREBRO The producer ponders the future fate of popular team. Maxim Fadeev admits that working with girls is difficult, because the singer constantly replace each other. It is possible that instead of the trio on stage will always be a Duo.

Care Pauline Tabor from the group “Silver” shocked many fans of the group, which was attached to a talented singer. Maxim Fadeev did not hold the girl and gave her freedom of choice. Now the producer pondered the future of their offspring, because the soloist changed too often, which creates a number of problems.

“To be honest, when I made the girls bend, I knew it would be difficult. But that is so. The “triangle” principle leads to conflict, misunderstanding, reconciliation. Now think about it, maybe you shouldn’t look for a third party? Two of the soloist in the band is not so bad,” – said doubts about the producer.

Fadeev turned for advice to the fans of the team, who immediately divided into two camps. Many of them believe that the group should try the format of the Duo. However, some fans insist on the trio.

The producer emphasizes that girls, who are part of a group, now treat each other more tolerable. However, certain circumstances still encourage the soloists to leave the team. For example, Polina favorskaya left the “Silver” to devote himself to spiritual practices.

A few days ago with a similar dilemma to the fans asked Olga Seryabkina. The girl urged the fans to Express their opinions because the team is at a crossroads and can go from trio to Duo.

“We have a lot of changes and we are ready, as much as, and not ready. This is a time when we can change everything, without you we are nothing. Anyway, this post will see Max, and I’m sure it will also be interesting to know your opinion” – appealed to fans of Olga.

It is noteworthy that in this case the opinion of fans was divided. Most fans agree that kardinalnye such changes may adversely affect the popularity of the team.

The “Silver” exists since 2006 and during this time it has made seven soloists. The undisputed leader of the team is Olga Seryabkina, which not only sings, but also creates lyrics for most songs.

Now Olga Seryabkina and Catherine Kischuk act, as a Duo, but this format is unfamiliar to fans of the band. For a long time they waited, Maxim Fadeev will announce a casting for the vacant position, but an official statement from the producer and was not. It is likely that the composer, tired of the constant shuffling of the lineup, thinking not to make any changes.