Максим Фадеев по-особому заговорил о любви к жене In honor of the birthday of producer gave wife 1000 chrysanthemums. However, this Maxim Fadeev has not stopped in all day he never ceased to delight your favorite generous gift. The musician lives with his wife for a quarter of a century.

      In the Russian show-business is not often that you meet a truly happy couple, who for many years retain feelings for each other and cherish his mate. Famous music producer Maxim Fadeev can boast that for the past quarter of a century of happy marriage. Today, when his wife Natalya celebrates his birthday, he decided to make his beloved a nice surprise. Fadeev admitted that from year to year it fills the room of his wife a thousand roses. But now the family spends time in Bali, so instead of the expected flowers Natalia received chrysanthemums. The producer admitted that he was forced to break the tradition, as the island is hard to find roses.

      “Today is the birthday of my beloved wife Natasha! For 25 years we were together. How far we’ve come. There were difficult periods, but we are always holding hands, passed through all the difficulties. And today, we hold hands and walk, not paying attention to anything. Time will put everything in places. Nata, happy birthday to you, my little girl! You always were to me and be a girl. But now the wise and deep. I want dying to lay my head on your lap, because then I’ll smile. Know that I stand before you, and nothing will ever be able to hurt you. Even if someone really want it! M. – once again confessed his love for his wife Fadeev.

      In addition to the numerous bouquets Maxim decided to have a surprise on the ocean, the balloons had the inscription “happy birthday” and the birthday girl was waiting for a big cake. Left Fadeev his wife without the creative gift in honor of his wife, he wrote the song, and once again noted how much he loves her. Fans touched deeply soulful lyrics and melody.

      “I’m in tears… Very soulful song. Thank you for being there! Thank you for your songs! Kindness and love your family!”, “Very touching! I applaud you, Maxim!”, “How touching, how tender! You are a very talented man,” – could not hold back the admiration of fans producer.

      Married Maxim and Natalia was born the son of Sawa. 18-year-old heir loud the names also rising creative person. Not so long ago he had a photo session for the wards of the father of the group SEREBRO. Fans marveled as the young man managed to perfectly convey the beauty of the girls. New soloist SEREBRO naked in front of son Fadeeva

      Video posted by MAXIM FADEEV (@fadeevmaxim) Aug 10 2016, 1:29 PDT

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