Maxim Fadeev saves a sick child

Максим Фадеев спасает больного ребенка The producer called to help the boy, patient with epilepsy. At Christmas on his page in Instagram Maxim Fadeev told about the baby, which needs expensive medicine that his condition has improved.

Producer and composer Maxim Fadeev is very kind to the children. Producer often tries to help kids in a difficult situation. So exactly a year ago, he fulfilled the dream of 10-year-old Alena with cerebral palsy, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, and partial atrophy of the optic and ocular nerves. She wrote in her letter to Santa Claus that very much wants to make friends with the renowned producer. Once Fadeev found out about this, he immediately met with the girl and caused her a lot of pleasant experiences.

This Christmas, Maxim published a photo of a blue-eyed boy and told his story. 4-year-old male has severe epilepsy genetic syndrome dravet.

“I think today is such a day, twice when I want to believe in a miracle. When all the cherished desires make have more faith in their execution. I have repeatedly said and I repeat again: miracles at the hands of a human. The little male just one, the most cherished desire – a life without seizures or epilepsy…” wrote producer.

Fadeev told that before the disease overtook the boy, he went to the pool, and the coach predicted a great future in competitive swimming. But the disease started to progress, so the male had to forget about sports. Maxim also said that in the ten months Zachary had a seizure that lasted two hours, and then for the first time the boy was in intensive care. In the end, the four-year boy has already undergone more than hundreds of such seizures. The child, according to Fadeeva, unfortunately, can not fully recover, but there is one drug that reduces the frequency of outbreaks.

“The little male has a lot of Hobbies – he loves to ride the carousel, catch butterflies, shoot water guns – everything I love ordinary boys. This little guy is a great hero who deserves to be healthy. At least as much as possible. Ask everyone to help Zaharka. It all depends on us,” written by Maxim Fadeev.

Followers expressed their respect to the producer, the willingness to help, and congratulated him and little Zachary merry Christmas. A producer in his turn wrote that he hopes people will help the sick child.