Максим Фадеев попрощался с одной из солисток SEREBRO Pauline favorskaya upset fans of the sad news. The artist decided to break up with Olga and Katya Seryabkina Kischuk. The girl who was part of the popular group in 2014, plans to focus on the study of meditative practices.

Today it became known that 25-year-old soloist of the group SEREBRO Pauline favorskaya, which was a popular team for three years, decided to say goodbye to colleagues. After a trip abroad, the girl intends to devote himself to the study of meditative practices.

About important changes in the lives of girls band announced producer Maxim Fadeev. He recorded a video message in which he shared some important news with the public. According to the figure of show-business, with Pauline, they parted friends. Fadeev Tabor wished all the best.

“Hello! I want to share the news – on the one hand it is not very good, and with the other hand must be very good because we all love Paula and always will enjoy its success. What I want to say? The group SEREBRO will change – Polina left the group, but the term is not already installed. I think it will be in the coming months. She decided to try herself in different directions, I’m very glad for her. Paula, I wish you all the best, you know. We all love you, and at any time waiting for” – said the producer.

Users of social networks began to discuss important information about the group SEREBRO. They began to ask about the reason why Polina favorskaya decided to say goodbye to Olga and Katya Seryabkina Kischuk. “What?”, “What a pity”, “what a twist”, “Why?” “Tell me that’s not true,” “Maxim, are you kidding?”, “No,” “Well, what’s going on,” discussed subscribers Fadeeva.

Later Pauline favorskaya made the announcement on Instagram. The girl thanked his colleagues for joint work. In recognition of the actress, she decided to change her life after a trip to Cambodia.

“I want to know about yourself. To know your body and mind. Learn to listen to your heart always! Because the heart is the only faithful guide, when you know how to use it! I want to pass different practice! Want to India, Tibet, Peru! But in the group to do so is unreal! (…) Yes. I’m leaving. As much as it pains sounds. But you, please support me. You can’t imagine how hard that decision. Music is my life,” said Pauline.

As a “farewell” release of Pauline Tabor band SEREBRO presented a new song called “In space”.

Recall that the previous casting for the vacant position of the soloist SEREBRO took place in the spring of last year. Then the team left Daria Shashina. The girl complained to the fans on health problems – the doctors who have made the artist the diagnosis of “congenital dysplasia of the knee,” insisted on an immediate operation and the termination of his concert activity. By the way, she recently played a wedding with her lover, ex-participant of “the Voice” by Ivan Chebanov. The ex-soloist SEREBRO Daria Shashina played a gorgeous wedding