Максим Фадеев возмущен натуралистическими сценами в «Викинге» The producer spoke harshly about the new movie. Maxim Fadeev, who came to the movies with my nephews, decided to withdraw children from the audience before the session ends. Celebrity believes that watching the “Viking” may have a negative impact on the psyche of immature teenagers.

      Максим Фадеев возмущен натуралистическими сценами в «Викинге»

      On the last Thursday of December on the screens of the country came the movie “Viking”. For a week rental in Russia, the film grossed several hundred million rubles and received very mixed reviews from critics and movie fans.

      Very hard on the “Viking” in favor of a well-known producer Maxim Fadeev. The musician and teacher attended the premiere and was horrified by what I saw on the big screen. Their emotions and thoughts about the “Viking” Maxim Fadeev shared in the microblog. Maxim Fadeev spoke in support of Alexander Panayotov

      Especially shocking celebrity naturalistic scenes in “Viking” and the fact that someone decided that it can be shown to teenagers, because, as you know, the film has two versions with two age limit of “12+” and “18+”. Fadeev chose the former, having visited the cinema with my nephews, 12 and 14 years.

      Максим Фадеев возмущен натуралистическими сценами в «Викинге»“Imagine my surprise when at the very beginning of the film we are all together with the children beheld the scene of the murder of the animal. Being a teacher by profession, I am quite sure that children can not watch. And then we saw the crowd running around, covered in the blood of men – were written by Maxim Fadeev. – My nephews the film made a very strong psychological impression. In the negative sense of the word.”

      After a few scenes, full of blood, the producer decided to bring teenagers from the audience. According to Maxim Fadeev, his example was followed by many parents, who came to Viking with children.

      “I am deeply convinced that the necessary public a detailed response officials “Roskomnadzor” to the question: on what basis the film “the Viking” has an age limit of “12 +”? – continued Maxim Fadeev. – I insist on this as a teacher and as a person working with children. I am convinced that this film can very greatly and very negatively affect on the psyche and perception of the child the history of our country. Showing the killing of animals, naturalistic battle scenes is not something that needs to see our children”.

      Subscribers Maxim Fadeev immediately joined in the discussion. Under the post left about two thousand reviews, and the number continues to grow. Indifferent to the film “the Viking” is definitely not. They argue about him, even those who have not had time to look at the painting. Someone thinks that naturalistic scenes and the brutality of the Viking is justified by the desire of the authors to make the movie historically accurate. Someone advocates that without them it could do.

      “I went with my granddaughter on the “12+”. The beginning of the movie heavy. Then interested. Inspected. Came home, started the discussion, pulled out all the history books. Now granddaughter knows the history of Russia of this period. Use? Certainly!” “The film is gorgeous! It is a pity that you do not understand”, “Maxim Fadeev, totally agree with you! Especially I was stunned by the scene where the victim brought the boy’s father!”, “This is our history and we are nowhere on it does not hold your hand. Paganism is cruel and, in General, immoral. And it’s great in the film. The entire movie screening, from which we refused (thank God) in favor of Orthodoxy”, – such opinion was expressed by the followers Maxim Fadeev.