Максим Фадеев сделал заявление об инциденте на съемках телешоу
The operator hit the participant of the show “Songs” on the head.

Eugene Meyer

Photo: @evgeniya_mayer Instagram Eugenia Mayer

Before the media spread the information that one of the participants of the show “Songs” hospitalized with a head injury. Eugene Mayer was injured during filming. As became clear from the video, posted online, she faced the operator, whose hands were heavy equipment. Due to an unfortunate “meeting” with the camera Eugenia received a head injury. The first time after the incident, Mayer was lying on the floor and could not get up. The young singer was called the ambulance.

Later in the press began to receive disturbing reports that Eugene received a severe head injury. Participant of the TV show was supposed to stay in the hospital for further treatment. Scared the viewers of the show wrote that Maxim Fadeev, one of the organizers of the project, stayed indifferent to the situation of the victim.

Fadeev immediately, but commented on the hospitalization of Eugenia. The producer did this to stop the spread of rumors about the status of the participants. In fact, doctors after inspection have found Mayer serious injuries. Moreover, she has returned to shoot the show, and Fadeev promised to personally see to it that such incidents never happened again.

“I ask no one to worry about. Eugene is all right, about her health care and will be watching with great responsibility. No concussion – just a bruise. She continues to live in the tower with all the participants and already feels much better. Unfortunately, on the set, and in life anybody from such situations not insured. Now all the participants will be attention, that this does not happen. I personally can handle it!” — says Maxim.