Максим Фадеев сделал заявление о махинациях в РАО Well-known producer said that the authors do not pay the required fees. Maxim Fadeev told in detail what he personally had to face. Composer offers to unite and create the analogue community.

      Максим Фадеев сделал заявление о махинациях в РАО

      Well-known producer Maxim Fadeev decided to share with journalists the fact that for many years the Russian copyright community does not need royalties to authors of musical compositions. He openly stated that in the Department there is corruption and theft.

      Maxim Fadeev wants to stop what is happening in RAO. The producer admitted that just begged for your money, and only the leaders decide at their discretion how much to give to the authors. Fadeev sure that no one believes the reports of the organization. As proof of the famous composer and musician told the story, which featured his charges.

      “Here is a simple example: the song SEREBRO “Mama Luba” has earned five years, about $ 25,000 in raw and almost four and a half million dollars in Europe and Mexico. You say: there system fees better. No, there is not steal! There is no corruption schemes and “dogovornjakah”. That proves today is the consequence of and interest on the part of the FSB,” – said Fadeev.

      Producer sure to find proof is not difficult. The man regrets that there is no way to verify the account over the last decade. He was sad that his father was deprived of earned.

      “We have analyzed the estimated loss from my catalog of 15 000 000 dollars in 15 years. And this amount is still very low! My father, Fadeev, Aleksandr Ivanovich, honoured worker of culture of RSFSR, honored worker of culture, wrote several operas, dozens of performances, choral work, vocalize and so on. His music has been performed across the country in various drama theatres, which are deducted RAO royalties. My father received from RAO none of the ruble in 15 years! Where’s his money? And its, my, Dunaevsky, Drobysh, Matvienko and Meladze the Lord’s money managers bought their planes, palaces and yachts,” – said Fadeev.

      Now the producer wants to composers gathered round the table and discussed what can be done about this outrageous situation. He even offers to create an analogue of the author’s community.

      Moreover, eight years ago, Maxim Fadeev, with some composers, led by Vadim Botnaryuk decided to get out of RAO, but after that, they began to pursue. “The threats began, calls. In the end, Vadim was killed on the threshold of his house. I don’t want to blame anybody. Make your own conclusions. I hope you understand that royalties in our country and manage — a tidbit for many. And we realized that the time is not yet. Either they’ll kill us all, as moose hunting,” admitted Fadeev in an interview with Life.

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