Maxim Fadeev lost his father

Максим Фадеев потерял отца Died honored worker of culture Alexander Fadeev. Well-known producer appalled by the tragic event and believes that his life will never be the same.
Максим Фадеев потерял отца

In the family of Maxim Fadeev mount happened. Did not the Pope – the honored worker of culture, composer Alexander Fadeev. “Today passed away my father. My life will never be the same,” he wrote on his page on “Instagrame” producer.

Alexander for Maxim was the closest person, who not only gave him life but also influenced his fate, sending in a creative direction. The producer’s father was born in Mound and was a teacher of the highest qualification category. He has released over a thousand students, made a profession of dozens of theorists who have subsequently received their education in the best universities in the country.

Fadeev, until recently, led an active creative life. In January, Alexander Ivanovich was invited to Tyumen at the First international competition of vocalists “Christmas meetings”. He was the guest of honour and judge in this important event. The participants of the “Christmas meetings” had the opportunity not only to communicate with Fadeev personally, but also to get valuable advice on the development of their own creativity. By the way, the composer of more than fifteen years and participated as a member of the jury in various music competitions.

It is noteworthy that the father of Maxim Fadeev, unlike his famous son, did not seek work in the capital. On the contrary, Alexander believed that the musical contests, which are carried out in the province, are more fairly and responsibly. He always advised budding artists to not be afraid of competition, because every competition even a little, is the degree to this skill.


It is worth noting that exactly a month ago Maxim has left in his microblog philosophical meditation on life and death. “When I was deaf, I heard the noise of his body, his movement. Now I sit and listen to the sea, and it’s a very similar sound. What if the Earth is part of some organism. And people are like cells of this organism, which also are born and die,” he wrote.

Now the producer supports his family and friends. Hundreds of people leave social media condolences.

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