Максим Фадеев задолго до окончания шоу «Песни» назвал одного из его победителей
The producer was struck by his decision, and spectators and participants.

Максим Фадеев задолго до окончания шоу «Песни» назвал одного из его победителей

Maxim Fadeev and Timothy

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Already in the early stages of the show “Songs” on TNT, Maxim Fadeev has declared, who will get the major prize — a contract with a music label MALFA! Fadeev together with another member of the jury
Timati — only played the first stages of selection in the show “SONGS” on TNT. Participants
the last audition, has entered a fierce struggle for a place in the reality show. Best
of them after going through all the stages of selection will be populated in the “mercury Tower” in “Moscow-city”, where he will live for seven weeks
under constant surveillance of cameras. Out of 129 musicians in the final remains
only the best. But one participant from Peter was able to realize his dream, passing
further auditions, the stage reality shows and weekly concerts!

Musician Oleg the Loudmouth struck
the jury and the audience during casting, repeating its success at the first stage
selection. So Maxim Fadeev decided that
Oleg no longer have something to prove and the jury and the audience. And immediately offered him what others only dream of — a contract with a music label MALFA. “I was in complete confusion, —
confessed Crier. — On the one hand, I realized that I no longer participate in the show. And
there’s such great guys, atmosphere! And after the guys behind the scenes you say:
“Bro! You have won!” And you do not believe! And just stand and blink
confused. Only later, when they begin to realize the essence of what happened,
you know, that’s really cool!”.

Oleg Krikun

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

“The main thing that made me
the impression is sincerity Oleg, — said Fadeev. Absolute
human openness. And I just felt a kindred spirit. He is deprived
thus I was deprived of hearing. I roughly know how he feels. So I have
all possible human and professional factors… as for our
joint project — think it will be semiclassical, polandukraine
project. I will try to combine classics and modern genre. See if
to be something interesting.”

Oleg the Loudmouth, not only has
beautiful vocals, but also accompanies herself on piano. While Oleg has
problems with vision: from birth, he sees only vague silhouettes and shapes
items. However, this did not stop him to graduate from the Rostov Conservatoire and become a winner of many
Russian and international contests of vocalists.

Soon to Oleg Krikun
join other participants who will be invited to their
labels Timati and Maxim Fadeev. However, they have yet to prove themselves on stage
reality and at the weekly concerts. Only the best of them will sign contracts with MALFA and Black Star. And the audience will choose the winner
who will receive 5 000 000 in the end of the show.