Максим Фадеев не может смириться со смертью своего папы The composer posted a touching post dedicated to his father. Maxim Fadeev dad died two years ago. However, the producer is still difficult to think about a family tragedy.

Renowned musician and producer Maxim Fadeev grew up in a creative family. His father was also a composer and instilled the heir to a great musical taste. Relatives were incredibly close, so the Pope’s death shocked max. Alexander Fadeev did not 18 Mar 2016.

In this difficult for the whole family day producer dedicated father Instagram post. He posted one of my favorite pictures of my dad and touching it was signed.

“On this day, two years ago, was not my father, Alexander Fadeev. Like yesterday” – said the musician.

Fadeev has repeatedly noted the high role in his life played a close relative. According to Maxim, the death of his father had upon him such a strong influence that it will never be the same.

Fans were quick to support the producer in such a difficult period. They wrote him dozens of encouraging comments. “Eternal memory. The Kingdom of heaven. Pray for his soul, he needs it”, “the Bright memory! Hang In There, Max! I also lost my father in 1999”, “Hello, Maxim! My vocal teacher has told me that your father taught him to play the piano. He said it with great pride! Your father was a great man” – said Fadeev fans.

The man himself from further comment.

Maxim is not so often shares her personal experiences. In his Instagram he prefers to talk about creative plans and achievements. However, a few days after the death of his father Fadeyev dedicated to him a touching poem and posted it on the social network.

“Well that’s all, my angel. And you leaving me. I uperevshis on phalanx, Howl beast without fire.You gave me life and gave me the heart that beats in your chest. Your my knocked in a third. Now there is the sound of one” – these lines Fadeev devoted father in 2016.

Now the main producer joy are his wife and son. Recently the composer has marked another wedding anniversary, in honor of what he shared with fans a rare photo with his wife. Fans are sure that Maxim will be able to cope with the loss and will dedicate another poem to his beloved father.