Maxim Fadeev is ready to name a new member “Silver”

Максим Фадеев готов назвать имя новой участницы группы «Серебро»

A big shock for fans of the group Serebro was the announcement of the health problems of one of the participants of the team. An even bigger surprise was that Daria Shashina had still to leave the band.

Duet group Serebro was not seen by anybody, including her producer Maxim Fadeev. Because the replacement Casinoi decided to seek immediately.

After reviewing numerous candidates, among whom were even willing to commit suicide for the sake of the group, Fadeev has identified the top ten candidates, one of which will occupy the vacant seat.

To make a decision about who will be new to Serebro, Maxim trusted Network users through voting in “Vkontakte”.

The girl’s name, which again will make the group a trio, will be announced today at 12.00 Moscow time.

Meanwhile, the production center tests how honest was the vote.

Sam suspects that some of the girls probably did “cheat” votes, reportsLifeNews.

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