Maxim Fadeev is preparing a hit for children Kirkorov

Максим Фадеев готовит хит для детей Киркорова Studio producer 4-year-old son Philip Kirkorov first recorded your musical composition. This was the reason for max Fadeev to create in the near future the song of the family of the king of the national stage.

      Today there was an opening of the joint project of max Fadeev and Emin “Uncle max”. In the children’s musically the restaurant had invited a lot of stars. Znamenitosti arrived at the scene accompanied by their children. Kirkorov brought daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin. They laughed and had fun in the company of the star of his father’s friends and other children, creating milkshakes and enjoyed the chocolate desserts. The school was incredibly pleasant and friendly atmosphere. But Martin decided not to waste time in the Studio Fadeeva at the restaurant he sostyalas the first record of a musical work. The heir Kirkorov surprised guests with their vocal skills, which I never did.

      Being in a recording Studio, Fadeeva, accompanied by dad, 4-year-old boy did not hesitate to sing “Happy birthday to you”, which delighted not only their parents, but the rest of the audience. The first musical attempt was very successful. It is appreciated by myself and the star producer.

      Children of Philip Kirkorov told about his mother

      Probably a predisposition to the song’s creativity was passed on to the child from dad and with time he will be able to get comfortable in the musical field. Although, it is important to remember that the artist has repeatedly stated that he does not wish his children to follow in his footsteps and went on stage. But Maxim Fadeev was so moved by the singing of Martin, which has already been praised by child and promised soon to surprise the family with a new song created specifically for them. Philip deliberately did not give the children to learn vocals. Alla-Victoria, he was transferred to the custody of the Irina Viner-Usmanova, and Martin not so much passionate about singing. He does swimming, dancing and modeling.

      “Little Martin Cristo sang the song for the first time in our Studio At Uncle max”! And I am preparing a surprise for Philip and his children in the form of a children’s song! It will be a hit! I promise!” – wrote in the microblog Fadeev.

      But the talent of the father could not be transmitted to his own children. So now he is Max Fadeev sure what song he’ll write will be a hit and will help unlock the full potential of family Kirkorov. It is likely that in the near future little stars will be on stage together with his talented father and will make his debut composition.