Maxim Fadeev is launching a new unique project

Максим Фадеев запускает новый уникальный проект
The producer announced the search for new talent.

Maxim Fadeev

Photo: “7Days”

Maxim Fadeev in
once again surprised the audience and announced the launch of another project — he
called #Fadeaways.

“Fadeev’ll hear” is
a unique project, where anyone can show your famous producer
talent and receive comments and advice from the Maestro of the Russian show-business. For the first time a producer comes into direct contact
those who wants to conquer the musical Olympus. Enough to place in Instagram
its a music video with the hashtag #Fadeevka,
and Maxim personally, every week, for 10 weeks, will be to select the best

“I’ve been thinking and analyze not only themselves and their work, but
what is happening now in the Russian show-business, — said Fadeev. — What
the ridiculous number of “stars” appeared on the scene and these “stars” believe in what their
money, not talent make them really close to the people. I like
the audience want to see on the stage of sincere and talented musicians. You often ask me, how do you get talent? And in response I want all
to demonstrate that today, we actually become less dependent on radio stations and
TV. To show your creativity to the world, today the only camera and
the Internet at your fingertips! Look at a group of Fungi or Korean artist PSY —
the perfect combination of talent and possibilities of the Internet. Among my followers, I’m sure a lot of music guys, so why you
not to pick up a camera, record your video? Lay the record on which
you sing your favourite song, tag me and put the hashtag
#fadeevka, I will see all of your work and every Thursday, starting with
this week, put it best in his profile. Of course, in such a short
time to find a new artist is not an easy task, but I’m really serious and
you may be able to find cool new artists to my two labels MALFA and Red Sun.
In General, subscribe to my profile, upload videos with mark and
the hashtag #fadeevka, and all summer (until September 1) I’ll be joining you
to prove that talented people in our country and to show their talent
very simple!”