Maxim Fadeev has surprised fans with footage from 30 years ago

Максим Фадеев удивил фанатов кадрами 30-летней давности
Fans of the famous composer and producer Maxim Fadeev used to see it in the body.

Максим Фадеев удивил фанатов кадрами 30-летней давности

Maxim himself has admitted that he was forced to leave the stage, as complexed because of excess weight. He was surprised, posted a video from 30 years ago, where it is difficult to know.

Максим Фадеев удивил фанатов кадрами 30-летней давности

“The music I was surrounded with since childhood. My dad worked as a teacher in music school, and mom was the music Director. Needless to say, I was subconsciously drawn to join the work, and at five I started going to music school at the Kurgan College of music, and at 15 went there. Played acoustic, bass and, by the way, often enough Quartet singing. The whole story began with our group “Convoy”. I remember that time. A lot of things, I can’t even say with certainty whether it is possible to experience young musicians something similar today.

Although, I must say, closed doors are meant to break them by any means. I deny musicians who deliberately bury their talent. Those who are waiting for manna from heaven, not trying to develop. In ‘ 89, the fates sent me to perform at the young performers contest “Yalta-90″. Eventually took the 3rd place and even got good at the time – as much as 500 rubles! After that I started receiving orders for intros, commercials… Starting point. Fate! It was at this point, I think, and I started my journey”, – said Fadeev.

Fans were delighted with how cute the young man he was, and covered it with enthusiastic reviews.

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