Максим Фадеев поделился интимными фото с женой Producer celebrates significant date. For over a quarter of a century Maxim Fadeev happy marriage with his wife Natalia. Figure of show-business decided to make the second half is a touching sign of attention. Fadeyev dedicated to the beloved romantic movie.
Максим Фадеев поделился интимными фото с женой

Producer Maxim Fadeev rarely shares details of his personal life, but he recently made an exception. On Friday, the worker of show business celebrates an important date – 27 years of marriage with his wife Natalia. On this occasion, Fadeev decided to share a clip where you can see archived photos from a choice made in different years.

Максим Фадеев поделился интимными фото с женой“27 years together,” wrote the producer in the microblog.

Social media users congratulated Maxim and his wife with an important anniversary. “Love you endless for years to come, warmth, joy, all the best,” “Very touching congratulations and happy woman who can hear in your address words”, “many years together”, “young Bang”, “take care of each other”, “Natasha, you did well, because behind the scenes is very hard work,” commented subscribers producer.

Maxim Fadeev met his future wife at the age of 23 during the casting. Then he was in the group of “Convoy”. When Natalia came to the viewing Maxim were affected. According to the producer, he fell in love at first sight. Three months later, Fadeev made an offer. The couple are raising a son Sava, who was born in September 1997.

In addition to important dates, Fadeev marks another significant event. The figure of show-business has announced that its production center no longer exists. Therefore, all contracts with artists were terminated. Now wards Maxim work with his music label MALFA. The same name received a new project Fadeeva. Thursday the premiere of the song MALFA “So Long” is created using a special program that converts a voice.

Fadeev producer center has terminated the contracts with the artists

“In fact, it is the synthesis of all tonalities, percussive, hissing and other sounds which are endowed with the voice of the real owner. The original version of the voices on which to build a base is my voice. Technically, I recorded the sounds and laid them on audio tracks that have transformed the electronic voice of the character. The programme has added music to the party and asked program terms of performance. This made a new project, which will begin our new era. I called the new project MALFA”, – said the producer.

In Fadeyev’s view, the creation of the project MALFA is “the birth of a supernova”. He stressed that long dreamed about such a thing.