Maxim Fadeev has refused to cooperate with the participants “House-2”

Максим Фадеев отказался сотрудничать с участницами «Дома-2»
Producer will not take the group “SEREBRO” one of the famous reality show.

Photo: Instagram

Just a few days ago Maxim Fadeev announced the search for a new soloist of the band “SEREBRO”. Like last time, to find the girl producer within the Network. He launched the online casting, the rules of which you want to place a video with any song in my account, tell us about yourself and don’t forget to put a special hashtag.

For the first three days it was posted more than 4 thousand videos. Wanting to get in the popular group not only published the video online, but sent them Fadeev personal messages and work e-mail. Due to the number of letters in the office of the production company even “collapsed” mail server, and had to be repaired.

A separate story with some proizvesti people who want to sing in “SEREBRO”. Three ex-participant reality show “House-2” participated in the online casting: Aliana Ustinenko, Ekaterina Kolisnichenko and Julia Alibekova. Fans of the girls and some members of the media gave them active support. However, they got a nasty surprise.

Seeing the fuss that erupted in the Internet for ex-participants “Houses-2”, Maxim Fadeev sharply negatively expressed about the reality show.

“I understand the desire of participants of different shows to get into the group SEREBRO, — he said. But with this background and reputation, I think it’s impossible. So I would not recommend them to apply for the audition, it doesn’t make sense. We are looking for personalities, not the characters of the once popular TV show. Anticipating a tantrum about Oleg Miami (he also participated in the famous telestroke. — Approx. and Pauline Tabor (she starred in the controversial project “Vacation in Mexico. — Approx., I will say that this was my first experience and last. More to tempt fate, I will not. Because I faced tremendous difficulty in the process of repositioning. Since the opinion had already been formed based on their behavior on the show. And it took me 5 years to convince people that Oleg Miami — a personality and a good musician, which he is.”