Maxim Fadeev hard going through the death of his father

Максим Фадеев тяжело переживает смерть отца
Producer Maxim Fadeev in the social network have placed a post in which he recalls his father, the honored worker of culture Alexander Fadeev.

Максим Фадеев тяжело переживает смерть отца

The musician says that even though there was a year ago as he lost a loved one, it’s hard for him to deal with it. The producer posted the most memorable photos of his father, accompanied by poignant photos Аdagio music for strings.

Максим Фадеев тяжело переживает смерть отца

“I can’t tell you how I feel. It is a year today since my father is near. And it’s just unbearable. I swear to you, if the bullet sits in the heart of the all. I am terribly worried about him. As it is there where he is, how he feels… I’m just desperate sometimes. Not getting any easier. No. I love you my angel. Travel with God in the heart. And I’ll always remember you”, – said Maxim.

Many fans were touched by the words spoken in the address of the deceased father, and no one remained indifferent to this post.

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