Maxim Fadeev fulfilled the dream of the child from the movie about the dog

Максим Фадеев исполнил мечту ребенка из ролика о собаке Well-known producer happy little boy Finds. A little over a week ago in the Internet appeared the video, which the mother sings son song about a dog, and he starts to cry at the end of the song. Maxim was impressed by the video and promised to send them a gift.

At the end of may in the Network appeared the video with the little boy who asks his mother to sing him a song “Lost dog”. This children’s composition differs a sad motive, so the parent warned the child that he might cry. But the kid continued to insist. When a woman begins to sing a popular song, the child’s tears.

The video has been seen by thousands of Internet users, and some celebrities were so touched by the sincerity of the child that decided to find his mother. Alexander Elmuratova lives in the city of Nakhodka, Primorsky Krai. Well-known producer Maxim Fadeev personally promised to send the woman and her son, the Subject of a mountain of gifts. The initiative award of the child and parents also supported the star pastry chef Renat Agzamov. “I’ll make a cake with a dog as a gift this baby to no longer be sad,” wrote cook.

The first gifts have already arrived to the Topic. Maxim Fadeev gave the boy a book and LEGO. The boy’s mother thanked musical figure, filmed the video. The video shows the baby gifts from family.

“It was really nice and unexpected! Today we received a gift from Maxim Alexandrovich. To the last did not believe it was really true. But sometimes good things just happen. I want to say again thank you very much for your kindness and big heart! Today is a bit sluggish due to the cold. But he can already dismantle the LEGO and ride the train. Looking forward to the evening, to read your book before going to sleep,” said Alexander in a microblog.

As noted by the woman, they also contacted Gasanovym, therefore, most likely, the family Theme will receive a luxury cake. Subscribers surprised how ordinary people were able to see via social media with these celebrities. In turn, Maxim Fadeev has shared with fans the joy. “Little things, has found its hero! I’m glad! The cutest child I’ve ever met!” – written by the producer.

The followers were happy for a family of Finds and was delighted with the decision Fadeeva. “Maxim, you were so good, so good”, “You are very kind man”, “More such generous people like you!” “If a man said, man did. Maxim respect you and love your songs,” wrote fans Fadeeva.