Максим Фадеев впервые за двадцать лет снялся в клипе
Producer sang a duet together with Nargiz Zakirova.

Максим Фадеев впервые за двадцать лет снялся в клипе

Maxim Fadeev

Photo: Instagram

Maxim Fadeev for the first time in twenty years, starred in the video. About
it told the soloist of the band “Serebro Olga Seryabkina, published on the official page
the group in the social network photo from a video duet songs Maxim
Fadeeva and Nargiz Zakirova. “For us, this event, — says Olga. — Very
reverent and touching. Nargis yesterday even cried on the set.

Maxim also shared his impressions of this work. “Clip
for the song “Together” we shot in the Library named after Lenin. It was very strange
the feeling that I was back in the 90s and filmed “Run across the sky”. I felt so
lack of confidence in what you do… it’s hard for Me to pass. I felt like I had
to do for those who love me and love then, in the nineties. I hope
you will be interested to hear what we did.”

By the way, the producer is very kind to their own
fans and often share with them your deepest feelings. So,
celebrating his birthday, the producer posted a picture of his favorite colleagues.

“And this is my long-standing unrequited love Irma…” he wrote
under the published photograph. — Or, as I affectionately call it, Musya. It
she has 10 years of standing on guard my interests and brilliantly defends them!”

Submitted by Maxim Irma is the Executive
Director it production center.

Nargiz Zakirova And Olga Seryabkina

Photo: Instagram

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