Максим Фадеев уволил трех подопечных из-за звездной болезни Producer forever goodbye to several artists. About it journalists were reported the right hand Maxim Fadeev Irma Polish. An employee of the label MALFA also spoke about the prohibitions on work and the main precepts of the company.
Максим Фадеев уволил трех подопечных из-за звездной болезни

Recently Maxim Fadeev announced the discontinuation of its production center. As it turned out, the figure of show-business has terminated the contracts with all clients. Now Fadeev will be different to build relationships with the performers. He announced the creation of the label MALFA and changing business strategies.

Fadeev producer center has terminated the contracts with the artists

“I talk a lot about the new show business, and in order to build it from scratch, you need to update what was already waiting for changes”, – said Maxim.

Right hand Fadeeva and CEO MALFA Irma Polish gave an interview in which he told about his work and remembered about meeting with the producer. According to the employee of music label, artist show business often consults with her team before signing a new artist. Sometimes performers do not meet the expectations of the team Fadeeva. So, some time ago he parted company with multiple clients. Their names are Polish chose not to call.

“Clearly, the final word for Maxim. But he sometimes makes decisions based on emotional sympathy. Recently the three had to fire prematurely ill star disease, although believed in them to the last,” – said the Director of the label.

According to the Polish, she learned from her boss to manage the creative team, which she headed for over ten years. Irma does not consider producer’s strict boss, but rather the opposite.

“Max vs planning meetings, fines, and reductions in wages. The main precept of the company is care about the team. Perfect!” – says an employee of the label.

Speaking about their musical preferences, Polish admitted that mainstreaming not listening to music. Irma distinguishes American bass guitarist and winner of the “Grammy” Thundercat. By the way, in December last year he made his first appearance in Russia. Director of label MALFA was also delighted with the creativity of the young Belarusian rapper Alexander Panasyuk, acting under the pseudonym of Isaiah. Team Maxim found it thanks to the flash mob “Fadeev will hear.”

In addition, the Polish often listens to songs of the band SEREBRO. Her favorite tracks, “Let me go and “Broken”. At the time, Irma was engaged in shooting videos for those songs. “Of the last works are particularly proud of the video “Eagles or crows” Maxim duet with Grigory Leps” she told the magazine SNC.

We will add that Maxim Fadeev became a member of the jury of the show “SONGS” together with rapper Timati. Rumor has it that changes in the composition of the wards of producer associated with the project, they say, the worker of show business makes room for its participants. Rumors have spread once in March Kristina si left the label Timati Black Star.