Maxim Fadeev finally said goodbye to Pauline Tabor

Максим Фадеев окончательно попрощался с Полиной Фаворской On the eve SEREBRO presented to the fans last clip with the participation of the third member of the group for the song “In space”. Olga and Ekaterina hard to survive caring girl. Maxim Fadeev has published a farewell post dedicated to Pauline.

Producer female trio SEREBRO, Maxim Fadeev published a touching post on Instagram, telling fans that, despite the departure of Pauline Tabor, he will not forget the performer and accepts her decision to leave pop group.

“Every time someone goes, for me it’s the blow as much power as before. To get used to it it is impossible. Let go with peace in your soul. But with experience and perhaps with age… I’ve come to understand that it is important to be able to let go with good, pure thoughts. And be happy for people who go further. Even if your paths cross again. But I am sure that in any case, go hand in hand. Pauline herself has chosen its path. And this is the surest way of all. Because learning about yourself, simple and complex human nature. I myself was in this situation. When I had to move away from the world and go. I’m half deaf. And only in Bali, in almost complete solitude and absolute silence, I have discovered myself. What I want and how I live now. And I came back with such a force not felt before. SEREBRO is a group of one substance, the whole. I think that the most attentive will notice that in the clip the girls mixed up party. And that’s the whole point. The unification through love. Pauline, I will always be there”, – said the musician with fans.

Olga and Catherine also wrote a post dedicated to Tabor.

“It so happened that this video was a farewell for one third of the us. We knew about this when they were planning the video and when he filmed it. And it was a magical feeling for me. Because this was a “here and now”. Usually when we shoot video, we can feel the inspiration, fatigue, second wind, and then satisfaction. From what we did. But with the video for “In space”. I lived each moment, rejoicing that we have”, – said Olga.

The girl added that when he composed the words to the song, she wasn’t thinking about parting with Pauline. “I was just admitted to the man how good. But the goodbye I didn’t… but he was wrong. And now I want to say a few important words Pauline…I am grateful for all the time that you were here. In this word I put the whole point. And I really need this banal “here and now”. And I don’t really care what happens next. Although, perhaps, beyond space”, – shared the singer.

Another vocalist Catherine also left a comment dedicated to the care of Tabor. “This is our last clip in this part. While I can’t divide us even thoughts, no matter how I try. Even our party “In space” mixed up because we are whole. Connected. And I really feel that we are inseparable from each other, even when you’re gone. I want you to be happy in your peace. Not going to say goodbye. All will remain in heart,” said the girl.

Favorskaya explained his departure to fans of the band.

“I’m going into Space. I’m off to itself. But SEREBRO will forever remain one of the brightest flashes in my life. At the end of the clip Olga wearing Katya and rings, and it is the symbol of the thread that will always bind us. Whatever happens – I always SEREBRO,” concluded Pauline.