Максим Фадеев объяснил провал своего масштабного проекта The producer explained the lack of excitement to rap label Red Sun, which he launched last year. It was planned that Maxim Fadeev will support emerging artists popular among the youth of the genre, but he failed to “educate” or one star.
Максим Фадеев объяснил провал своего масштабного проекта

Last weekend, Moscow hosted the festival of Esquire Weekend in which underwent a public interview with journalist Sergey Minaev with famous people. Among the participants of the event was Maxim Fadeev. The producer told about how to treat modern Russian show business and rapping, and also shared details of the preparation of the future concert in the capital.

Fadeev is watching what is happening in the music. Among the rap artists he singled out the Basto and Oxymoron. Minayev asked the guest, as it relates to the work of Dmitry Kuznetsova, better known as Husky, which became one of participants of the musical program of the festival.

The famous rapper Husky received a gunshot wound

Максим Фадеев объяснил провал своего масштабного проекта“He used me was more interesting, but after those insinuations with the attempt realized that I’m not interested”, – said Maxim.

According to rumors, Fadeev offered Husky to be his producer, but he refused. Figure of show business to uncover the truth about a proposal popular with the young artist.

“We met and just talked about how to make a joint label. I wanted to make a platform for youth, where would reputational leaders. It would not be for the sake of earnings, and in order to create a platform, more intelligent, – said the producer. But rap is such a completely Autonomous thing, it defies the laws. They themselves swim. But they are certainly not the Vikings. They do not unite. Never.”
Максим Фадеев объяснил провал своего масштабного проекта

However, last spring Fadeev announced the launch of its rap-label Red Sun. About the new brainchild of Maxim Alexandrovich a long time nothing was heard. As it turned out, the project was not popular among artists of this genre. Fadeev has explained why it happened.

“We created it, it exists. He just exists in a completely flaccid form, that is, we give them practically do not. I have created a site and say, “Engage”. But they do not. It is not that “do not go”, – said the worker of show business. – In another case. There are no reputational shapes, to which they went. Because I don’t do rap, and everybody knows it”.
Максим Фадеев объяснил провал своего масштабного проекта

Mid-November is scheduled to speak Fadeeva in Crocus City Hall, during which he will perform new and old, time-tested songs. It is known that at the age of 38, he almost went deaf, and this period lasted a few years. Thanks to the help of specialists to Maxim Alexandrovich managed to restore hearing. Then he turned away from many colleagues. Fadeeva still concerned about some health problems.

Максим Фадеев объяснил провал своего масштабного проекта“It’s not a comeback, just mom asked. My father really wanted me to sing. Said: “your Whole problem only in this.” Here I’m talking, and my ears whistling and buzzing, it’s different every day, depending on the vessels and pressure, – said Maxim. – I’m used to it, but now I hear you.”

Fadeev indicated that he could not hear a loud sound, so it’s impossible for him to work on stage. However, the producer managed to solve this complex problem. “The Japanese offered a special pad on the head that completely blocks the ear, but on the rim I will determine the tone, sound. Then I can sing,” – said Maxim.