Максим Фадеев создает мужскую версию группы SEREBRO The producer shared his plans with the public. As it turned out, NV Kazakhstan was selected to the boys bend Maxim Fadeev. Very soon the figure of show-business talk about the guys who have been casting.
Максим Фадеев создает мужскую версию группы SEREBRO

This spring in Astana passed a casting in a new group Maxim Fadeev, with the support of MUZ-TV. It was attended by youths aged from 16 to 25 years. The channel’s General Director Arman Davletyarov said that the place was not chosen by chance and called the Kazakhs are very musical people.

After about a week and a half Maxim Fadeev said that the selection came to an end, and in the near future he will present to the public a new boy band. When that happens, Fadeev said. He also explained his reasons for wishing to form such a team.

“Briefly explain why I decided on this project. Usually all the new sets we bad with difficulty. For me, all the arguments about creating a new show-business – not just nice words. It is a burning desire to do so, as in Russia no one else did, coming from my past. I believe that will create a group which style will meet all the canons of Asian trends. Going to do what I dreamed for more than ten years ago, starting to work with SEREBRO. Many words will not speak – I will do a lot. You do the math” – shared figure of show business in the microblog.
Максим Фадеев создает мужскую версию группы SEREBRO

Users of social networks wish him success in his new endeavor. In their opinion, Maxim Fadeev will begin experimenting with the popular genre of k-pop that emerged in South Korea and absorbed elements of Western pop and electronic music, hip-hop and rhythm-n-Blues. “Excellent. Approximately know what was going on. Hope you will create a second BIG BANG,” “I’m Sure that will be a bomb”, “Tailwind”, “Let there be all good fortune”, “Asian group – it’s cool,” commented followers Fadeeva.

Previously, Maxim Fadeev has told in interview to Yury Dude that plans to open offices in Korea and China, and if all goes well, is going to conquer Japan. The team of producer has already started to test the waters. Last spring, wards Fadeev – band SEREBRO took part in an episode of the Chinese show “Born to be U5”. Artist performed songs Mi Mi Mi Mama lover (English version of the track “Mama Luba Davay”). “Rating and share was off the charts. We watched almost 800 million people. For the performance we paid the money, including taxes it cost 5 million rubles”, – shared Fadeev with the Dude.

By the way, currently the producer also participates in the project “SONGS” channel TNT. Maxim Fadeev joined the judging panel of the musical show along with Timothy. “We are creating a new show-business” is the slogan of the transfer. Timothy: “I wouldn’t give for that happening in the show, “SONG” had previously happened in my life”