Maxim Fadeev considers necessary for the fate of the group SEREBRO

Максим Фадеев раздумывает надо судьбой группы SEREBRO

The producer of the band SEREBRO Maxim Fadeev ponders the fate of his offspring, because the girls change too often and most likely always will be a duet.

Максим Фадеев раздумывает надо судьбой группы SEREBRO

recently made popular of the group left one of the singers Polina favorskaya that shocked many fans. The producer did not insist on her return and let the girl go their own way. Fadeev pondered over the future of the group, because the soloist changed too often, which can not be a problem. Due to the fact that between the trio often have quarrels and misunderstandings, but believes that it is better to leave just two participants. “To be honest, when I made the girls bend, I knew it would be difficult. But that is so. The “triangle” principle leads to conflict, misunderstanding, reconciliation. Now think about it, maybe you shouldn’t look for a third party? Two of the soloist in the group — it’s not so bad,” says Maxim.

Максим Фадеев раздумывает надо судьбой группы SEREBRO

Because of the arisen doubts, the producer decided to ask the views of fans. The same response was divided into two camps, one of which supported the idea, others opposed it. Despite the fact that girls who have been in the team, “Silver” now treat each other better, something still every time forces girls to leave. For example, Pauline favorskaya decided to leave the band, to devote himself to spiritual prosvetiteljstvu.

To the fans also asked one of the band members Olga Seryabkina. “We have a lot of changes and we are ready, as much as, and not ready. This is a time when we can change everything, without you we are nothing. Anyway, this post will see Max, and I’m sure it will also be interesting to know your opinion”, she wrote.”

“In recent years, you often have to write, so we stayed with Kate the two of us and no one was looking. I honestly don’t know how to treat Max, but I want to ask you, can we really BECOME a DUO? Or all the same #silver this TRIO…? I’m really asking you what you think about this? This is a time when we can change everything and without you we are nothing.” he writes in his account instagram no replacement participant.

The group was founded in 2006, and during that time the team participated 7 singers. Not leaving the band only Olga Seryabkina, who is not only a soloist, but also provides lyrics for the songs. Now the group is composed of Olga Seryabkina and Catherine Kischuk. A producer that is not going to announce casting for the role of new participants.